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BREIZAS Estate for your holiday in Spain

Air Conditioned Spanish Villas (2 and 3 bedroom), Alcosseber

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Port Aventura Park

With over 30 rides to choose from, you will find just the one for you at Port Aventura Park! If you love heights, high speeds and loops rise to the challenge of the fearsome Dragon Khan rollercoaster which features eight inverted loops! Brave the mighty Stampida, the worlds fastest double-track wooden rollercoaster. Children will love the ups and downs of the Tomahawk rollercoaster, while those who need cooling down will thrill to the breakneck speed of the Tutuki Splash water ride.

You will find a variety of shows everywhere at PortAventura Park. Thrill to exciting adventures at Fort Frenzee in the Far Wes, to the Can Can in the Saloon. Marvel at the exotic dances of Aloha Tahiti and the Birds of Paradise in Polynesia. Relax to the strains of mariachi orchestras in La Cantina Mexicana and discover the mysteries of China in Sol de Oriente.

Meet Woody Woodpecker and his incredible friends! You will find him strolling around the park, sometimes with his inseparable Winnie. They have a niece called, Splinter, and a nephew called Knothead. You may also see Pink Panther with the enigmatic Inspector Clouseau, always close by.

Let's not forget Popeye, the king of spinach, with his one-and-only love Olive. And...always lurking closely behind, the terrible Brutus, trying to steel her love away!

Don't miss the opportunity to laugh with Betty Boop and watch her flirting and waving at everyone she walks by. You may also meet Sami, the intrepid dolphin from the adventure of Sea Odyssey, who takes part in a risky rescue in the depths of the sea. Last but not least, the beloved Shrek, the ogre who together with his friend Donkey will bring a smile to your face.

Ten minutes from Reus Airport (Tarragona), with its own train station and direct access from the AP-7 motorway.