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BREIZAS Estate for your holiday in Spain

Air Conditioned Spanish Villas (2 and 3 bedroom), Alcosseber

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The Breizas Estate consisting of 2 villas and a large private swimming pool was built as a family holiday home over 30 years ago prior to the existence of Las Fuentes village, marina and promenade. There were also no telephone lines to the area nor continuous power and water
The name Breizas was given by the founder members of the family and reflected their names: BRyan EIleen and ZAS at end, to give it a spanish sound.
The estate started as only one House (Breizas House) in June 1981. The second House (Breizas Cottage) was purchased in Febuary 1987 as a result of the founder members wanting to put the younger generations of the family and friends into a separate location, thus having privacy and peace, when required in Breizas House. The swimming pool was then built, joining the 2 houses together.
Breizas House has been restored and modernised to provide the luxuries and comforts of the 21st century to give elegant living. The villas have only been available for holiday lets since 2007, when the founders eldest son William took over the management of the estate. William has sympathetically upgraded both villas and swimming pool using high quality fittings, fixtures and building materials. In August 2009, ownership title was transferred to William. The upgrade of Breizas House was completed in November 2009.
All of the support staff have been personally selected by William to ensure that the highest standards are achieved and maintained so that everyone who stays at the villa is able to maximise their enjoyment and comfort of their stay at Breizas and take away wonderful memories.
The villas have only become available for holiday lets due to the eldest son taking sole ownership and responsibility for the the Breizas together with the upgrade, financial and legal responsibilities. The current generation of family members are not holidaying in such large groups nor as frequently as the founder members, Bryan and Eileen.
The location of Breizas is unique, providing total privacy and tranquility, yet close to all the coastal amenities.
The upgrade of Breizas House has focused on bringing the outside into the inside, thereby giving a real wow factor with the views being seen from any position wthin Breizas House.
Both villas have had air conditioning and double glazing windows installed throughout, at the same time as the upgrade work and rewiring, to provide all year round comfort . Wifi for internet access via a dual band router is provided throughout Breizas House and extends to pool area and cottage terrace.
Breizas is ideal for families wishing to have plenty of space, enjoying outdoor living, the Mediterranean climate and looking for a property, which is able to accomodate larger parties in one location.
P.S. Some pictures may change between the date of booking and arrival date. Whenever the property is vacant, changes are being continually made to increase the living comfort, resulting from new technology, new materials and new products.
(N.B. The villa is not suitable for people, who want to be in a town house, and / or continuously surrounded by crowds of people and lots of noise, although one does not have to drive far to reach it. It is also not suitable for very small children, who can not swim due to the depth of the pool or small children who have to be kept within a secured area as there are no borders to stop them wandering away)